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Yes, the revived Anglicon will continue with a third edition, December 8-10, 2017. Special guests are Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy. For more information, see the convention's website at, and the Facebook page.

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Current Events:


The next Androgum Meeting is: June 17.
Location: Tacoma (exact place to be announced).
Theme: The new season continues!
Menu for the meeting: More new episodes! We hope to show "Extremis", "The Pyramid at the End of the World", "The Lie of the Land", "The Empress of Mars", and "The Eaters of Light". Then that evening, we'll head to KBTC to answer phones at their semi-annual Doctor Who pledge drive.
As always: Show up, have fun, bring food.
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Doctor Who Television Schedule


Classic Doctor Who is on KBTC, the PBS station out of Tacoma. So, here is the KBTC Doctor Who schedule, featuring Sylvester McCoy and William Hartnell as the Doctor.

All showings start at 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., rerun early the next morning at 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., unless otherwise indicated. For more information about KBTC, check out their website at

BBC America:

(All times listed are for BBC America's Pacific feed. If you get the Eastern feed, subtract three hours from these times.) For more on the show, keep an eye on the channel's Doctor Who page at

BBC America is also the home of Torchwood reruns in the United States, which now includes the Miracle Day series. Here's the current schedule:

BBC America's Torchwood site is at

BBC America is also the home for Class. Here's the current schedule:

The show's website is at

Retro TV:

Classic Doctor Who, featuring the first seven Doctors, is now playing on the Retro TV channel. The Seattle Retro TV channel is at 46.5 on over-the-air broadcasts. Check out their website at, and the Doctor Who schedule at

Shout Factory TV:

Shout Factory is now streaming the 2011 Australian K-9 series on its website. You can watch all twenty-six episodes at

Amazon Instant Video:

Both Classic and New Doctor Who stories, as well as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, are available through the Amazon Instant Video service. Amazon Prime members can see most episodes at no additional cost.


Streaming service Britbox now has classic Doctor Who, along with some recent extras such as An Adventure in Space and Time and The Five(ish) Doctors (Reboot). To see their Doctor Who offerings, go to

Information about the show, including web editions of some out-of-print Doctor Who novels and new made-for-the-Internet stories, can be found at the BBC's Doctor Who website at

Want to see some of the websites shown or mentioned in the show, or that are otherwise part of the show?

The BBC's website has some made-for-internet stories. A new pre-Ecclesston ninth Doctor, played by Richard E. Grant, appears in the fortieth anniversary story, "Scream of the Shalka" ( The sixth Doctor meets up with the Cybermen in "Real Time" ( The made-for-Internet version of "Shada," featuring Paul McGann as the Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana, and John Leeson as K-9, is back, and can be found at


The Hugo Award nominations are out, and "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" is nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. Other Who notables receiving nominations include Neil Gaiman for Best Related Work with The View from the Cheap Seats, Ben Aaronovitch for Best Series with his Peter Grant/Rivers of London books, Verity podcasters Lynne M. Thomas and Erika Ensign for being part of the team nominated for Best Semi-Prozine for Uncanny Magazine, and fellow Veriteer Tansey Rayner Roberts as part of the Best Fancast-nominated Galactic Suburbia. The 2017 Hugo Awards will be given out August 11 in Helsinki, Finland at this year's 75th WorldCon.

What, another teaser trailer? Okay, then!

After eighteen years, we finally have an official non-VHS release of "The Curse of Fatal Death"—and here it is!

If you enjoyed that, be sure to show your appreciation and donate to Comic Relief.

Hey, who's up for another new trailer for the upcoming season?

The 2017 Saturn Award nominations have been announced. "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", the 2016 Christmas special, was nominated for Best Presentation on Television. We'll find out if it won on June 28!

Want a preview of the forthcoming tenth (!) series of Doctor Who's twenty-first century relaunch? Okay, here it is!

It's time for another regeneration! Peter Capaldi announced that he is leaving the show, and will make way for the thirteenth (!) Doctor in this year's Christmas special. No word yet on whether or not Pearl Mackie as Bill or Matthew Lucas as Nardole will continue into 2018, nor who the next Doctor will be yet (that announcement is expected in the fall).

We have a confirmed airdate for the start of season 10 (or 36, depending on how you count them): April 15.

Big Finish and their Doctor Who range won at the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards. "Absent Friends", the first part of the Doom Coalition 3 set, won for Best Online/Non-Broadcast Drama. Bill Nighy, best known to Whovians as Dr. Black in "Vincent and the Doctor", won the Special Award for Services to Drama.

Sir John Hurt, the acclaimed actor who, among many other roles, played the War Doctor in "The Name of the Doctor" and "The Day of the Doctor", and then reprised the role in audio stories for Big Finish, has passed away, at the age of 77.

The January 2017 Doctor Who pledge drive at KBTC was yet another success, easily surpassing its goal yet again. Once again, classic Doctor Who is safe on KBTC for another six months.

Honoured by the Queen in this year's New Years Honours list:

You've heard Disney XD will be showing a reboot of DuckTales next year? Well, this video of the theme song introduces the cast. Check out the new voice of Scrooge McDuck. (Hint: This time around, they got an actual Scotsman.)

The official TV trailer for "The Return of Doctor Mysterio":

Yet another new record was set during this year's Children in Need telethon, raising over £46.6 million. This may have been, in part, to this preview clip from the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio":

Or it may have been, in part, due to this appeal from Eddie Redmayne in character as Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to which many BBC stars contributed:

The teams from Real SFX and Milk VFX recently won a BAFTA Cymru award for Special and Visual Effects, Titles, and Graphics for their work on "The Magician's Apprentice". Both had won previously for "The Day of the Doctor".

Did you think the BBC was done releasing classic Doctor Who on home video? Apparently not! A fully animated version of "Power of the Daleks", Patrick Troughton's first story, is coming out in November to celebrate that story's fiftieth anniversary. BBC America will be showing it on November 12, and it will be released to stream the next day. A DVD release has already been announced for the UK, and the North American Blu-Ray (with both black and white and color versions) is scheduled for January 24, 2017, exclusively from Barnes and Noble.

Peter Capaldi made the finalists list for the TV Choice awards, in the category of Best Actor. He lost out, however, to Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager.

David Tennant is now a doctor! The actor best known as the Tenth Doctor received an honorary doctorate in drama from his alma mater, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Steven Moffat also received an honorary doctorate, from the University of West Scotland.

After a slow start, the June Doctor Who pledge drive picked up steam at the end and easily surpassed the night's goal of $15,000. Needless to say, once again classic Doctor Who broadcasts on KBTC are safe for another six months.

Among those honored on the Queen's Birthday Honour's List for 2016 are Penelope Wilton (yes, we know she played Harriet Wilson, MP for Flydale North and Prime Minister), who became a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE); and Brian Blessed (Yrcanos in "The Trial of a Time Lord" among his many, many other roles), now an Officer of the British Empire (OBE).

We have to wait until some time next year to formally meet her, but now we have our first look at the new companion: Pearl Mackie playing Bill.

Peter Capaldi recently accepted the cerificate from the Guinness Book of World Records for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Doctor Who Characters. He was at La Mole Comic Con in Mexico City, where 492 fans of Doctor Misterioso dressed up. (Come on, British and American fans, you know we can do a lot better than that!)

Big shake-up at the Doctor Who offices in Cardiff:

There is no word yet on whether or not the 2017 season will also be Peter Capaldi's last.

Doctor Who series 9 has won the Golden Tomato Award from Rotten Tomatoes for the Best Reviewed TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror show of 2015, beating out Game of Thrones. The complete list is at

The latest addition to Big Finish's stable of stars: David Tennant and Katherine Tate as the tenth Doctor and Donna!

After being cancelled, the DVD of "The Underwater Menace" is now out in both the UK and North America. Episodes 1 and 4 are recreated with stills and the soundtrack (like episode 3 on "The Web of Fear"), and extras include a making of feature and commentary with cast, crew, and Patrick Troughton's son Michael.

Too far north to see Doctor Who on KBTC? Maybe not any more! KBTC has announced that their signal now reaches Belligham, Vancouver, and Victoria. If you get over-the-air digital channels, retune your receiver to get channels 28.1 and 28.2, and you may be in for a very pleasant surprise every Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.

We have our own domain! So now will be the place to come for all the latest on our little enclave of Seattle-area Doctor Who fandom. But the domain does cost us a little bit of money, so if you can help out with a donation, just click here:

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The latest news about the new show can be found at Outpost Gallifrey's news page.

Who are The Emerald City Androgums?

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The Emerald City Androgums are a fan club devoted to Doctor Who, and to having as much fun as unhumanly possible at our meetings. We meet every other month for an Androgum potluck. Members are encouraged to eat, drink, and be merry, and we watch whatever shows tickle our fancy. We try to include at least one selection of the good Doctor himself.

In addition to semi-regular parties, we also had a newsletter that tried to keep the more isolated-from-fandom members up-to-date on the latest Who happenings and rumors. It also served as a creative forum for any Androgum who felt like writing a story or drawing a picture.

The newsletter is no more, however, and all newsletter activities will soon move on-line. So if you want to contribute something, here's the place to do it!

We can scan art, so if you'd like to help us create an on-line Androgum gallery, please feel free to send the art to us!

And coming soon: Club T-shirts and aprons!

Doctor Who Shopping

Looking for that perfect Doctor Who item? Want to relive some of the Doctor's greatest adventures or experience some of his new ones? Try these links for new Doctor Who books, videos and DVDs, audio stories, and other merchandise.

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